GitHub Practice Assignment

Due: Wednesday, August 30 @ 11:55 PM

Your first assignment for this course is to become accustomed to how GitHub works because we will be using it extensively in the class for your projects and for assignment submission.

Go to and do the three tutorials found here, using the repos we are providing through the GitHub Classroom infrastructure.

Adjustments to the Tutorials

Some of the instructions for these tutorials won't make complete sense with your own repo. Just follow along as best you can. We are not checking for an exact match to anything. But we will check to see that you have done all the tutorials and have made changes in your own repos that are provided. Specific notes can be found below:

  • GitHub 101 - Don't worry about posting a comment in their thread, etc. This wasn't working when I tried it due to too many comments. When you create your repo with the link above, it will be pre-populated with a copy of their example repo. Just do the steps as best you can, skipping the things that require the system to approve a change, etc.
  • GitHub 102 and 103 - The website loading stuff won't work because of how we have to name the repos. So you should be able to do everything else, just not actually view the website.


There is nothing to explicitly submit for this assignment. We will look at the state of your three repos at the submission time listed above and use that for grading.

You will also need to register your GitHub name with us against your computing ID so we know which repo is yours. Do that on the Google form here:

Grading Rubric

Out of 10 total points:

For each of the three repos:

  • 3/3: The repo has all of the appropriate files, notes, and comments in it from following the tutorials.
  • 2/3: There are a few minor errors or missing components.
  • 1/3: The repo is either empty or missing a significant number of components.


  • 1/1: All three repos were created.