Lecture Dates: Friday, April 28 and Monday, May 1

There are two demo days: Friday, April 28 and Monday, May 1. Students are only required to come to their assigned demo day, but are highly encouraged to come to both to see all the projects! ALL project code for both days is due at 10:00 AM on Friday, April 28. ANY change to the code between that time and demo will result in a 0 for the project for both partners.

  • Teams demoing on Friday, April 28: Android teams named Aipom through Squirtle
  • Teams demoing on Monday, May 1: Android teams named Sunkern through Yanma and all iOS teams

When you come to demo, please bring your device and all parts needed to turn it in. You SHOULD NOT wipe the device, but YOU MUST do the following:

  • Android devices: Ensure there are no passwords on the device at all.
  • iOS devices: Ensure that there is either no password or the password is set to 0000. You MUST verify that any iCloud accounts have been removed!

I will wipe all devices after grading has been completed.