Lecture Date: Friday, November 9

Today you will begin to create a digital wireframe of your final project app. Please upload a PDF copy to the root of your final project repository AND each partner should submit a copy to the appropriate assignment in Collab. We are looking to see that you have a good idea as to what your project should look like. We will not be comparing this wireframe to your final app at this stage.

You can use whatever digital tools you would like to create the wireframe. There are dedicated wireframing tools available out there - some free, some pay. You are welcome to explore these options, or use something else, such as Photoshop.

Some of the ones I like are:

You MUST use some digital tool to create your wireframes. Hand drawing it and then taking a picture is not acceptable.

Submissions are due before class begins on Monday morning, where we will discuss some of your wireframes.

No Audio Today