Lecture Date: Friday, October 13

Midterm Exam day!

You will need to bring a (fully-charged) laptop to class today. You will be taking taking the test in Collab.

The exam will consist of five questions. Each should be answered with a reasonable sized paragraph, fully touching on all aspects of the question. Bullet lists will receive no credit.

The questions will roughly cover the main aspects of these topic areas:

  • Basic mobile architecture / MVC
  • Android architecture
  • iOS architecture
  • Data Management (the four concepts of storing data and how they work)
  • REST (the five aspects and how they work)
  • Web Services / Service Oriented Architecture

There is no coding on the test. All questions are conceptual around the design and construction of mobile apps.

Tips for taking tests in Collab:

  1. Open the test in Collab and copy the questions out of Collab and into the document editor of your choice (Word, text editor, Google doc, whatever).
  2. Answer all the questions first in your document editor, saving as you go.
  3. Copy the plain text of your answers into the question boxes in Collab one at a time when you are ready to submit.
  4. Submit the test and keep your back up just in case something happens.