Tech Assignments

GitHub Practice Assignment

Due: Wednesday, August 30 @ 11:55 PM

Your first assignment for this course is to become accustomed to how GitHub works because we will be using it extensively in the class for your projects and for assignment submission.

If you do not have a GitHub account, go to and create one first.

Once you have an account, go to and accept the assignment. A repository will be created for you. It will be called github-tutorial-yourgithubname and the URL should look like


There are several tutorials you should go through if you are not familiar with GitHub. And even then, it's a good idea just to refresh yourself.

Fix My Mistakes!

The repository that was created when you accepted the assignment has 4 files in it: 3 POTDs from CS 1110 and

You need to do the following:

  • Create a branch and name it something meaningful
  • Correct the mistakes in each program (they are all small, silly things...)
  • Document your changes both in the code with comments and in the
  • Document which tool you used to work with git (command line, GitKraken, GitHub's own GUI tool, etc.) in the
  • Commit and push your branch back to GitHub
  • Create a pull request with comments to merge the branch
  • Merge the branch back into master

Don't delete your branch (or anything else with the process). We will be checking these!

Tell Us About Your Summer!

NOTE: Before this step will work, we need to add your GitHub ID to the class group for the repo. Do that on the Google form here: We will try to update this consistently, so check back in a day or so after you register.

Go to, create a branch named with your GitHub username, and edit the file with what you did this summer! Create a pull request to have your changes added to the master branch!


When we work with GitHub this semester, we will take the state of your repos at the submission time listed above and use that for grading. There is nothing you need to do specifically in GitHub.

Grading Rubric

Out of 10 total points:

  • 2 pt: Mistakes corrected in all 3 programs + comments added to
  • 2 pts: Branch created correctly
  • 2 pts: Pull request created correctly
  • 2 pts: Changes merged back into master
  • 2 pts: Branch and pull request created correctly for group repo activity
more ...